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Vegetable Biryani Restaurant style:
This dum Veg biryani is quite popular all over the world. This is hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani preparation.

Basmati rice:
Carrots: 3 medium sized carrots roughly chopped
Potatoes: 4 medium sized roughly chopped
Frozen peas: 1 Cup
Yogurt: 10 table spoons
Green chillies: 10 Green chilles nicely slice them
Salt to taste
Ginger garlice paste: 2 table spoons
Black Cumin seeds: 3 table spoons
Fried onions: 4 table spoons
Onions: 2 medium sized onions roughly chop it
Biryani masala powder: 4 table spoons
Soya chunks: 2 cups
Fried cottage cheese(Panner) & Fried Cashew nuts: 1 cup together
Coriander & Mint: 1 bunk together chop it.
Oil: 6 table spoons
Bay leaves: 4
Cinnamon sticks: 2
mace: 4
nutmeg: 1
Black cardomom: 4
Star anise: 4
Green cardomom: 8
Saffron soaked in milk

Add 6 table spoons of oil to the bowl, toss the whole biryani spices for about a minute also add 1 table spoon of sahi jeera, add giner garlic paste cook it for about a minute. Add green chillies, add the chopped onions fry the onions to the golden brown color, add 1 and half table spoons of salt. while the onions are turining in it brown color, in parallel also boil the water in other bowl add 5 table spoons of salt to it and also add sahi jeera add let the water boil. once the onions are fried to brown color, we are adding peas, potatoes, carrots, soya chuncks, half of the mint and coriander, Panner and cachew nuts, add 4 table spoons of biryani masala powder, add 6 table spoons of yogurt(Curd)cook it for 4 minutes on medium flame, then cover it with lid and cook it for another 5 minutes, make sure 80% of the vegetables are cooked. Then switch off the flame.
Now if the water is boiling add soaked basmati rice to the boiling water and cook it. once the rice is 80% cooked add the first layer of the rice on top of the veggies, garnish with chopped mint and coriander and fried onions, then add second layer of rice this should be 90% to 95% cooked rice. garnish again with chopped mint and coriander and fried onions and add saffron soaked in milk, cover this vessel tighly with an aluminium foil and cover it with a lid.
keep the vessel back on to the stove and keep the vessel on slowest possible flame and cook it for 25 minutes. your vegetable biryani is ready.

To Make Wonderful Biryani & Enjoy With Your Friends and family, Please Follow The Below Tips

1: Get A Good Basmati Rice & Soak It For 45 mins.(Buy long grain basmati rice) Ex: Diamond
2. While Cooking Biryani, Make Sure You Are Using Thick Bottom & Wide Open Wessel.
3. In Restaurants To Get Nice Colour For Biryani, Along with Saffron Water they add egg yellow colour a Bit, Try once.
4. You can also use any other vegetables.
5. After switching of the flame don’t immediately open the lid, leave it for 5 to 10 mins.

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Watch more Introduction to Sushi Making videos:

Sushi is one of the fastest-growing cuisines across the globe. To become a true citizen of the world, prepare yourself with this primer on sushi-eating rituals.

Step 1: Choose a good restaurant
Go to a restaurant specializing in sushi—Japanese-owned or -operated establishments tend to offer the most authentic selections. And if you’re in a land-locked place, make sure they pride themselves on sushi that’s as fresh as possible.

Step 2: Wash your hands
If you’re offered a hot, moist towel, wash your hands with it now. It will be removed from your table before your food is served.

Step 3: Order sake
It is customary to order some sake, likely served in a carafe with small cups, to enjoy before your meal is served.

Although expensive sakes are often better enjoyed chilled, sake with sushi is traditionally served warm, since the fish will be cold.

Step 4: Toast
Pour sake for your dinner companions—traditionally, no one should pour it for themselves, at least for the first round—and then toast. Hold your cup aloft and say, ‘Kampai!’

It’s customary for the most senior person at the table—the boss, or the eldest person—to raise their glass the highest.

Step 5: Switch drink
When your sushi platter arrives at your table, switch your beverage to cold Japanese beer or hot green tea.

Step 6: Prepare chopsticks
If your chopsticks come wrapped, take off the wrapper and break apart the sticks—but don’t rub them against each other to remove splinters, which rudely implies that the restaurant has cheap chopsticks. When you’re not using them, they should be propped on the holder or soy sauce dish parallel to you.

Step 7: Finish
You’re done when your plate is clean—except for the wasabi and gari, of course. Place your chopsticks horizontally across your soy sauce dish to signal that you’re finished, and thank the chefs.

Step 8: Pour soy sauce
Pour a small amount of soy sauce into the little empty dish, but don’t pour in more than three tablespoons at a time. If you need more later, add more then.

Step 9: Add wasabi
Notice the green mound of wasabi on your sushi plate. This spicy horseradish is used to season soy sauce and add flavor to the fish. With one chopstick, take a pea-size amount and stir it into the soy sauce.

Step 10: Continue alternating
Continue eating the pieces of nigiri sushi and maki rolls one at a time, alternating with pieces of gari and topping off the soy sauce dish as necessary.

Sushi aficionados believe you should only use wasabi for sashimi—never for nigiri sushi or maki rolls, since the chef has already used the precise amount of wasabi necessary to enhance the sushi’s flavor.

Step 11: Begin with sashimi
If you have a plate of sushi and sashimi, it is customary to eat sashimi first. With your chopsticks, pick up one piece of sashimi, dip it in soy sauce, then place the whole piece in your mouth.

If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, don’t try to eat sashimi—it is considered incredibly uncouth to use a fork.

Step 12: Eat ginger
Using your chopsticks, eat a piece of gari, or pickled ginger, from the pile of wet slices on your sushi plate. This is to be eaten between pieces of fish as a palate cleanser.

Step 13: Continue alternating
Continue alternating eating sashimi with palate-cleansing ginger.

Step 14: Refill soy sauce
When you have finished all your sashimi, refill your soy sauce dish.

Step 15: Eat sushi
With your chopsticks, pick up a piece of nigiri sushi and drag it through the soy sauce fish-side down, so the rice doesn’t soak up too much. Place the entire piece in your mouth, unless it is very large, in which case two bites are acceptable.

Step 16:
If you are uncomfortable using chopsticks, eating nigiri sushi with your fingers is an acceptable custom.

If you’re sitting at the sushi bar, offer to buy the chefs a round of sake or beer. It’s not necessary, but it just might make you a new friend.

Did You Know?
Soy sauce was first made in China more than 2,500 years ago by Buddhist monks—it didn’t reach Japan until the 6th century.

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An Inside Edition investigation has found some restaurants are serving a cheaper fish than what’s on the menu. A third of restaurants tested in Atlanta served up cheaper fish. We visited 22 restaurants in Tampa and Atlanta and ordered cod, grouper and catfish. Samples were sent to a lab for DNA testing. The results showed that all the Tampa restaurants served fish as it appeared on their menus, but out of the restaurants tested in Atlanta, one-third served a cheaper fish than advertised.

From Arlo Guthrie’s same-titled album, released by Reprise.

Gordon talks about eating at a famous Austin restaurant called Franklin’s BBQ and reveals why he’s never taken a to go bag until his visit there.

Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition #2

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Gordon Ramsay Loves This Restaurant

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No copyright infringement intended
Everything Belongs To Marvel Entertainment & Walt Disney.

Fellow diners are left in awe when Sean and co. perform a dance in the restaurant.

Double Take: film-loving duo James King and Karen Krizanovich get up close and personal with films you haven’t seen, and those you think you have.

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Meet Shinji Hashimoto, the humble, 6th-generation owner of Michelin-starred unagi restaurant Hashimoto. This unassuming eel joint in Tokyo’s Bunkyo district serves up a secret family recipe for tare sauce that dates back nearly 200 years. Read more about Hashimoto here: